Texas Pink Floyd

Texas Pink Floyd

Our Story

Everything is bigger in Texas. So it is fitting that one of the
best and biggest Pink Floyd tribute bands was formed right
here in the “Lone Star State”. Pink Floyd's influence can be
seen, heard and felt around the world. Some of the best
talent from all over the state of Texas have come together to pay
homage to these rock and roll legends.

Pink Floyd has amazed and impressed audiences from
around the globe for over forty years, their concerts were a
glorious mix of iconic music and groundbreaking visuals. This
display of sound and vision has been brought to fans
throughout the world.

Texas Pink Floyd, the newest and most spectacular Pink
Floyd tribute concert band; celebrates the lights, sights and
sounds of this iconic group in an amazing display and
performance of lighting, lasers, sound and stellar

Re-live and immerse yourselves in the classic moments from
Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The
Wall and Pulse. DO NOT miss out on this “unforgettable”
concert that will bring back intense memories to older fans,
while allowing a new generation to engage and experience
the sound and vision of today. With dedication and praise
second to none, Texas Pink Floyd wants you to enjoy a 
of- a- kind audio and visual experience. This show will leave
you mesmerized and wanting more -TPF

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